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Rapid-Response Support, Technicians on site 24/7

Our data center remote hands technicians serve as an extended member of your in-house team of experts to help deliver the highest standard of performance for your needs.

Services are available on-demand and can also be scheduled in advance to support your business.

Digital Realty Data Center Solutions® services include Data Center

Remote Hands Services, which perform a wide range of remote management and troubleshooting tasks to keep you up and running.

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Data Center Remote Hands Save Time and Resources

  • 24x7 coverage, 365 days a year
  • Rapid response times for both business and after hours tailored to your site and specific needs
  • Continuous delivery to ensure uninterrupted business operations
  • Implementation services available
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Digital Realty’s Customer Service Center provides trained technicians who can support your data center operations, 24/7 at designated Digital Realty locations around the world.

US: +1.877 357 7782
EU: 00800 7711 9500
Australia: +61 383611501
Singapore: +65 65053912
Hong Kong: +852 22817502

On-Demand & Scheduled Services

Many services are available On-Demand. Bulk purchase and subscription plans available at discounted hourly pricing.

Examples of On-Demand Services

  • One-time tape swaps: Tapes for backup systems are changed on request
  • Power cycling of equipment: Perform Hard Reboots or Soft Reboots
  • Patch cord installation: Install patch cables based on customer direction
  • Equipment assistance: Assist with transport of large pieces of equipment within the data center
  • KVM availability: Provide screen outputs before and after reboots

Examples of Scheduled Services

  • Cross Connect Infrastructure: Install temporary loopbacks to verify physical media continuity from provider demarcation panel to the customer premises hand-off
  • Equipment Inventory: Detailed rack elevation drawings can be provided
  • Deployment: Rack & Stack of equipment and structured cabling installation
  • Pre-scheduled event support: On-site support for maintenance windows and other planned events
  • Recurring events: Schedule routine events such as daily/weekly/monthly tape swaps versus opening a new service request each time
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