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Your data is exploding 

In volume, velocity, and value. Whether this Data Gravity is a challenge or an opportunity depends on your strategy and data center partner. 


Unlocking trapped value starts with data

Data proliferates rapidly as enterprises adopt technology like IoT, AI, and autonomous vehicles, but much of it goes unused. The World Economic Forum estimates $100 trillion of incremental GDP could be secured if siloed data is fully unlocked. This is where data becomes the business agenda. 

Improve business agility

By 2025, 80% of data worldwide will reside in enterprises.* Make your data work for you, not against you, with Hybrid IT models to address performance, cost, and security. 

Access new markets

68% of companies will add new business points of presence in the next two years.* Leverage our comprehensive global footprint and enable secure, efficient data exchange to drive growth. 

Enable new revenue growth

75% of companies with $1B revenues have a formal data strategy.* Leading organizations treat data as a strategic lever and are pursuing ways to unlock their data’s value. 


*Global Data Insights Survey, 2022

Unlock the trapped value of your business intelligence

Learn what tech leaders are thinking, planning, and doing to execute a data-first business agenda.

Global Data Insights Survey 

The Global Data Insights Survey presents in-depth insights from thousands of business executives globally on the implications and challenges of Data Gravity.

Global Data Insights Survey
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"Data creation is multiplying at all business points of presence, and the way it drives value is through secure and efficient data exchange."

2022 Global Data Insights Survey

We understand your Data Gravity challenges

Plan for the future. Data Gravity can inhibit enterprise workflow performance, raise security concerns, and increase costs.

Data Gravity Index 1.5™

Glimpse into the future of data exchange with metro based CAGR and data growth for 53 metros and 23 industries. 


Percentage of companies planning
to improve data infrastructure
to enable secure exchange,
aggregation, and control.


2022 Global Data Insights Survey


Percentage of companies identified the need for a global data center platform provider.


2022 Global Data Insights Survey 

Data Gravity Index 1.5™
downloadDownload the report

Data is becoming the
critical business agenda


1Data is pervasive

Data creation is multiplying at all points of business presence—1.5 GB/second by 2024

2Data is the business agenda

Business leaders identify the top three value drivers for data-driven insights to be customer experience, data location strategy, and new digital products or services. 

3Data requires aggregation and control

Users and data are growing exponentially, and integration of the data to inform business insights requires a secure ecosystem of providers and business partners. 

4Data is localizing

62% of companies with $1B+ revenues have 50+ locations and/or colocation sites. 

5Data-first strategies win

Business leaders identified their top considerations to unlock value from data by 2024 as improving data infrastructure, upskilling data capabilities, and investing in AI/Machine Learning tech. 

Address your Data Gravity challenges with Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx®)

This proven methodology brings the users, networks, systems, and controls to the data, removing barriers of Data Gravity and creating centers of data exchange to scale digital business. 


Scale your digital
business with

A global platform with local expertise. PlatformDIGITAL® supports your global footprints with multi-tenant data center coverage, capacity, connectivity, and control.