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come together

Delivering a safe and open meeting place accelerating collaboration, innovation, and growth for leading enterprises and service providers on the world’s largest data center platform.


The data meeting place

Join our connected data community on PlatformDIGITAL®, a trusted global platform where data is turned into intelligence, and intelligence turns into insights.

Data has limitless possibilities. 

Unlock your data's full potential

You need a global data center platform to harness the true value of your data and drive innovation. Here, you can securely connect and collaborate around data with your customers and partners. 

Maximize your data insights

Your data, which is constantly and rapidly growing, needs a hybrid IT architecture. Here you can understand the needs for your digital infrastructure to integrate your applications, services, technologies and partners.  

Deliver on your strategy

Solve your most complex digital infrastructure, hybrid IT, connectivity, and workload challenges to enable new levels of performance and efficiency. 

Stay secure and compliant

Meet your security, compliance, and sustainability goals with a data center partner that has capacity, resiliency, and experience.  

Partner with the industry leader

We have the global footprint with local expertise and connectivity to the locations that matter most with over 310+ data centers across 25+ countries, and over 50+ metros.  


PlatformDIGITAL®, our global data center platform is trusted by over 4,000+ customers including over 1,500+ enterprises, 1,300+ network service providers and over 1,100+ cloud and IT providers which form our global connected data community to support our customers’ hybrid IT needs.


Secure and scale your critical IT infrastructure on-demand.


Our interconnection services provide unparalleled virtual and physical data center connectivity while extending your network's capabilities.


PlatformDIGITAL® provides a thriving connected data community of customers and partners, fueling new opportunities to enhance your services and amplify your organization's impact.


Our data center experience will support you and your customers through your digital transformation journey.

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