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AWS and

Digital Realty

Unleash your hybrid cloud. Establish safe and fast connections with AWS Direct Connect and extend AWS on-site using AWS Outposts on our best-in-class data center platform.


Amplify your hybrid cloud performance and flexibility with AWS Direct Connect and AWS Outposts.

Instant access

Access a growing list of powerful AWS services like Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT, and more over a direct and private connection. Seamlessly extend AWS infrastructure to your on-premises environment with AWS Outposts.

Scale rapidly

Take advantage of processing, analytics, and data management at the digital edge with AWS Direct Connect and AWS Outposts for easy cloud and on-premises integration.

Predictable performance

Get a reliably high-performance platform that delivers a globally consistent
user experience. 

Improve control

Critical IT resources are drastically improved by moving private workloads closer to partners, customers, and cloud services via our ServiceFabric™ Connect solution. AWS Outposts offers familiar tools and management for on-site and cloud resources.

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AWS Direct Connect + our Interconnection services

Enterprises are taking advantage of powerful new hybrid cloud solutions by connecting to AWS Direct Connect via Digital Realty.


Percentage of companies identifying a need for a global data center platform provider.

Digital Realty hosts 16 AWS Direct Connect POPs globally and over 100 locations via ServiceFabric™ Connect, enabling virtual connections to AWS Cloud Regions worldwide.

Direct Connect benefits

checkboxOne port to connect to anyone, anywhere, at any time
checkboxIntegrated security through network segmentation and private connections bypassing the public internet
checkboxBandwidth on-demand with rapid provisioning of any-to-any connectivity
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