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Design Your Ideal Data Center

Customize your pad ready land parcel and infrastructure with Built-to-Suit solutions. Digital Realty Data Center Solutions® have a long standing operational of excellence that is backed by 11 consecutive years of five nines uptime (99.999%), more than 3,300 site years of operational experience, and 539 acres of land banks across the globe. With both a proven financial strength that affords lower cost of capital (and lower TCO for our customers) and significant engineering expertise in data center development and infrastructure design, we’ve got everything you need to create your ideal data center.

Get exactly the total IT capacity you need today and in the future

Choose from significant land parcels adjacent to pre-established campus environments tethered to internet gateways and tailor to your specifications:

  • The structural elements of Build to Suit Data Centers include several stories, floor loads, and roof type to mitigate the impact of natural events
  • Interior architecture elements such as entrances, truck bays, and office space ensure proper security and protection
  • Plumbing / mechanical/electrical fit-out and design (for required redundancy and power density)
  • Telecommunications Access (for OSP Network access)
  • Co-design the best approach to implementing required electrical, mechanical, and cooling infrastructure
  • Sustainable designs designed to minimize your carbon footprint and reach your sustainability goals

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