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Your data center solution should be designed to future-proof your IT strategy. We offer a full spectrum of data center solutions, from move-in-ready to custom-built, so we can quickly craft a solution that can meet your current needs and support your future growth requirements.

We understand the rapidly changing environment in which our customers operate, so we offer a full product suite that supports and complements it. We have the ability to meet all your data center needs, from single cabinet to multi-megawatt, up to hyperscale deployments, or entire, dedicated buildings. With our Connected Campus strategy, you can land and expand with a single provider who can stay with you throughout your IT lifecycle and support your business as it matures and grows.

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Data Centers

Browse Our Data Centers

Our global data center footprint enables us to deliver the solutions our clients want, where they want them.

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Our solutions deliver flexible, scalable, secure and cost-efficient data center colocation combined with exceptional service.


Future-proof your IT strategy against constantly evolving business environments with our range of solutions from partial or full data center suites to entire buildings.

Connected Campus

A variety of connectivity options enable you to connect to the cloud, your customers, and your partners.



Our Sustainability programs enable us to stay competitive by creating greater value for our customers.


Security & Compliance

We offer comprehensive Security and Compliance programs to address your needs and requirements.