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Telx Achieves 100% Uptime SLA By Optimizing Power - Cloud Strategy Magazine

John Freimuth
May 21, 2015

What does it take to deliver 100% data center services availability?

10 years ago, answers to that question would’ve likely been centered around computer equipment performance. Now, however, power reliability stands right beside hardware performance in the 100% uptime equation.

In an article recently published in Cloud Strategy Magazine, Rich Coleman, Director of Construction at Telx, spoke with Cloud Strategy about how Telx optimized construction design to achieve a 100% uptime SLA in NJR3, a three-story, flagship facility at the Clifton Campus at 100 Delawanna Ave.

Power reliability and quality are essential elements in the power supply equation, and as Cloud Strategy notes, making conditioned power a part of data center infrastructure at NJR3 “required a new approach.”

So how did the Telx team do it?

For one, the Clifton Campus sits outside the FEMA 500-year flood plain. Fuel delivery routes to the Clifton Campus are available without risk of flooding, even after a flood. The campus also boasts utility feeds delivered from diverse generating stations, and a robust 2N UPS architecture. Right now, it’s the only Tier III constructed colocation facility in the New York/New Jersey metro area.

Telx worked closely with Highland Associates and ASCO to develop power switching and controls solutions. What’s more, ASCO provided engineering, technical support, and project management to ensure NJR3’s power system would support Telx’s 100% SLA guarantees.

Delivering on a guarantee of 100% data center uptime is not an easy thing to do, especially with today’s complicated infrastructure, connectivity, and power demands. It’s no coincidence that the NJR3 facility is the only Tier III constructed colocation facility in the area. If designing such a facility were easy, more companies would be doing it.

Achieving a 100% uptime SLA is certainly not as simple as just “building a data center.” As Cloud Strategy Magazine and our own Rich Coleman show, pulling that off took years of design, an entire team of experts, careful planning, strategic power sourcing, fuel delivery agreements, security expertise, precise project management, and more.

Striving for the best is a complex process, but the work is well worth the reward. Reaching our high standards for consistent service took a brand new approach, and we’re proud to have the cutting-edge NJR3 facility as part of our fleet.

To learn more about NJR3, see the original article in Cloud Strategy Magazine or visit its information page on the Telx website. For any other questions, reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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