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All-Change in Financial Services as Incumbents Meet Startups


For financial services companies, modernisation is go, with 62% of IT teams investing to address legacy issues and modernise infrastructure. The path to modernising IT infrastructure will seldom be clear, as teams look to overcome mishmash systems created by mergers, acquisitions, elderly databases and incompatible technologies.

Despite that, financial services are planning for the business opportunities that modernised IT set ups have the potential to create. Machine learning, private cloud and data analytics are all named by IT departments as major opportunities for their businesses.

Few IT teams will be able to realise these opportunities in house – each needs a new level of security, reliability and availability to both deliver on the potential of these new technologies and win the business' trust. Consequently, IT teams are slowly beginning to outsource their data centre services. 47.5% are moving their workloads to the cloud wherever they can.

Created with IDG, the white paper surveys 100 respondents in IT management or aligned roles, including 50 C-level execs, to identify how Financial Services IT teams are outsourcing their data centre services and the criteria they use to identify a quality partner.

Use this paper to help inform your outsourcing of data storage and compute and to understand the qualities to prioritise in identifying a strategic partner.

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