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London Data Center Solutions

15 Data Centers in London

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  • Uniquely positioned for all US, European & Asian business trading time zones.
  • One of the largest colocation hubs globally - extensive, connected communities of carriers, digital platforms and enterprises.
  • 9 prime, interconnected colocation sites across central London.
  • 6 wider London locations offering IT resilience and back-up options.

11 Hanbury St

London, E1 6QR
  • Utility Power Capacity: 13 MW
  • Total Building Size: 9,400 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: 2N
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1

Cloud House

London, E14 9SZ
  • Utility Power Capacity: 2x main incoming MV boards
  • Total Building Size: 11,127 m²
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+2

Cloud House West

London, E14 9TR
  • Utility Power Capacity: 2,000 kW
  • Total Building Size: 1,771 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: N+1
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1

Crawley Unit 2

Crawley, RH10 9BD
  • Utility Power Capacity: 16MVA
  • Total Building Size: 10,140 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: N+1
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1

Fountain Court, Cox Lane

Chessington, KT9 1SJ
  • Utility Power Capacity: 14,400 kW
  • Total Building Size: 10,220 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: 2N
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1

Foxboro Business Park, 3 St Anne's Boulevard

Redhill, RH1 1AX
  • Utility Power Capacity: 14,000 kW
  • Total Building Size: 8,921 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: 2N
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1

Oliver’s Yard

London, EC1Y 1HQ
  • Utility Power Capacity: 3,200 kW
  • Total Building Size: 2,519 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: N+N
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1

Power Avenue, Manor Royal

Crawley, RH10 9QJ
  • Total Building Size: 11,148 m²

Sovereign House

London, E14 9SD
  • Utility Power Capacity: 8 MW
  • Total Building Size: 6,223 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: N+1 & 2N
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1

The Chess Building, 9-17 Caxton Way, Watford

  • Utility Power Capacity: 30,948 kW
  • Total Building Size: 7,432 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: 2N
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1

Unit 21 Goldsworth Park Trading Estate

Woking, GU21 3BA
  • Utility Power Capacity: 64 MW
  • Total Building Size: 18,580 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: 2N
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1

West Drayton, 1 Airport Gate, Bath Road

Middlesex, UB7 0NA
  • Utility Power Capacity: 6,500 kW
  • Total Building Size: 4,000 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: N+1
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1

London Data Centers and Colocation

By size, London is one of the largest data center markets in the world serving international organizations across the globe. London is the business capital of Europe with unrivalled geographical positioning, connectivity and capital investment long establishing it as the nexus for financial markets, digital technology and business services.

In London we are the largest provider of data center space and services. Our unique 9 colocation sites consist of 3 fully interconnected campuses spanning the key commercial areas of The City, The Docklands and West London, as well as 8 wider sites. In total, we offer high bandwidth 100G connectivity options between all our colocation sites and an outstanding IT load of 200MW across the capital.

London is one of the largest colocation hubs globally for telecommunications, internet peering and cloud connectivity. From any of our co location sites, clients can access all services and all carriers. This includes a rich portfolio of 170+ carriers and ITSPs, plus access to all public and private cloud providers.

Globally, London is conveniently central to all US, European & Asian time zones, allowing for optimal trading across all continents. Locally, all our sites are suitably accessible for businesses who are looking for user-orientated access and diverse locations for enhanced resilience and back-up.
With all this flexibility and functionality, organizations can confidently build their critical digital foundations on robust IT infrastructures with us.

Quite simply, our London data center coverage, community and connectivity are second-to-none.

When you’re searching for the right data infrastructure, it’s important to consider the advantages of the right interconnected community. See how our Digital Docklands campus and City Campus, which is a world leader for hosting financial service organizations, can help drive your digital ambitions.

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