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Lyoner Straße

Frankfurt am Main, HE 60528

Lyoner Straße

Located within the Niederrad business park area, the Lyonerstrasse facility is in close proximity to Frankfurt airport, which has proved to be very attractive for those engineers are not based in Frankfurt. It is only a short distance from Kleyerstrasse, a carrier-dense connectivity hub and one of the top three fibre-dense hot spots in Europe, With a strong reputation with its long standing customer base, the facility provides many connectivity options through major telecommunication providers, service providers (ISP’s) and Internet Exchanges (IXP’s).

Digital Realty Data Center
Lyoner Straße, Frankfurt am Main, HE 60528
+49 (0) 69 6640 8040

Lyoner Strasse 28, D-60528 Frankfurt - Property Brochure EN


Lyoner Strasse 28, D-60528 Frankfurt - Property Brochure DE


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Check out our full list of services including colocation, build to suit, and a focus on sustainability for a complete data center ecosystem strategy.


Interconnection is at the heart of our Digital Realty data centers enabling secure, fast, and reliable interconnect connectivity throughout our ecosystem.


Whether you need to move off-premise or connect multiple data centers, Digital Realty has the reliable solutions for your private and hybrid clouds.

Facility Specs

  • Total Building Size
    • 5,400 m²
  • Utility Power Capacity
    • 15,840 kW
  • UPS Power Capacity
    • 8,960 kW
  • UPS Redundancy
    • N+1
  • Generator Power Capacity
    • 9,600 kW
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy
    • N+1
  • Max. Floor Loading
    • 300 ft²
  • Compliance Certifications
    • SOC1
    • SOC2
    • SOC3
    • PCI-DSS
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • ISO 27001
    • ISO 50001
    • ISO 18001
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