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— Blog

Working with Customers to Solve For Data Gravity and the Challenges of Tomorrow

Mark Reynolds, Vice President of Global Customer Operations
November 15, 2021

The first two blogs in our Customer First Focus Blog Series discussed keeping long-term commitments to customers and helping them achieve high-priority objectives like sustainability. Today, we're focusing on another high-priority challenge that impacts all industries – data gravity.

  • The accelerated growth of data will continue.
  • IDG recently reported that data volumes are growing at an average of 63% per month and that over 463 exabytes of data will be created each day by 2025.
  • Data Gravity describes the process in which data accumulation attracts additional services and applications to the data in the way gravity attracts objects around a planet.
  • This megatrend is causing various challenges for traditional infrastructures, including workflow, cost, security, storage and analytics.
  • Data Gravity Intensity, as measured in gigabytes per second, is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate of 139% globally through 2024 as data stewardship drives global enterprises to increase their digital infrastructure capacity to aggregate, store and manage the majority of the world’s data.

Our long-term relationships with customers and partners put us in a unique position to recognize the barriers created by data gravity and determine the architecture design to solve them.

Since customers are at the core focus of my work and our company's work, don't just take my word for it. Please read on to learn how ION Geophysical, Zenlayer, Accenture and Rackspace are solving customer service, digital workplace, cloud optimization, and financial services barriers with customers.

ION Geophysical is Solving Customer Service Barriers
For over 50 years, ION has been a leading technology innovator in the offshore energy and maritime operations market. Recently, they've expanded their capabilities into offshore logistics, ports and security. They are one of many global companies that have witnessed the explosion of data and recognized the need to overcome data gravity barriers to drive data-centric decisions to serve customers better. Watch the interview with ION CEO Chris Usher in the video below.

Zenlayer is Solving Digital Workplace Barriers
Zenlayer is an on-demand edge cloud services company with over 180 Points of Presence around the world. They're known for fast deployments, inter-regional solutions, customer-first focus and more. We were one of the first companies to partner with them to solve data challenges. Over the years, our partnership has helped customers in North America and EMEA, and they're now joining us in the APAC region of the world. Wade Chen (Sr. Director of Partnerships & Alliances at Zenlayer) discussed data gravity in the digital workplace in this video.

Rackspace is Solving Cloud Optimization Barriers
Rackspace Technology is a multi-cloud solutions company serving the world's leading technology organizations and multi-cloud environments. One of their key objectives is solving workload problems and creating business advantages. So, as they help solve the optimization, security, modernization and enablement challenges caused by data gravity, we help assist them with PlatformDIGITAL® and an ecosystem that includes AWS Outposts. In this video, Rackspace SOO Subroto Mukerji talked with President and CFO of Digital Realty Andy Power about empowering decision-makers to generate solutions and reduce costs.

Accenture is Solving Financial Services Industry Barriers
It can be said that the financial services industry is experiencing the most pressure to solve for data gravity. As a global information technology and services company, Accenture works with many industries to embrace change for the betterment of customers and business – including banking. Jan-Pieter Nentwig (Director of Strategy and Marketing at Interxion: A Digital Realty Company) spoke with Guido Greber (Cloud Innovation Center Lead at Accenture) about planning for the movements of people, process and technology at a time where data gravity impacts the shift to the cloud. Learn more in the video below.

The world is experiencing accelerated data growth and digital transformation at an incredible rate. Not only do companies have to be agile and flexible, customers expect them to have that kind of adaptability. Our customer relationships involve listening to concerns, examining the trends and collaborating with industry experts and leaders. That way, we're able to stay ahead of trends (like data gravity) before they become megatrends.

Do you see any new trends in your business that you would like to share? Let us know!

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