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Why Is the Value of Your Data Center Directly Proportional to the Connectivity Options that Reside Within It?

Chris Downie
March 21, 2014

In this day and age, connectivity is everything. Whether you’re looking to directly connect to a cloud provider like Amazon Web Services, seeking connection to a financial exchange for your trading business, or hoping to expand your business globally by connecting to a global carrier, solutions for nearly every business need you could have today are enabled by connectivity.

And unless your data is housed in a data center with the proper connectivity options, none of those solutions will be open to your business as it evolves and grows.

Data centers don’t exist in a vacuum—good ones don’t, at least. And Optionality is priceless! By connecting you with the proper channels, service providers, and global networks, a good data center will give you practically limitless options for expanding your business and giving your end user the best services possible—a huge part of the value of a well-connected data center. When you decrease the connectivity options within your data center, you greatly decrease its value, too.

In looking for a data center, you should always seek out providers who offer the most connectivity possible. A well-connected ecosystem is a way of future-proofing your organization. Even if you don’t need many connectivity options now, chances are high that as your business evolves and your needs grow, that connectivity we just mentioned will become more and more needed.

Here at Telx, all of our carrier-neutral data centers offer industry-leading connectivity. Taking a look at the list of cloud and connectivity services we offer gives a good idea of exactly how much connectivity is available to your business when you go through Telx:

  • Cloud services provided by Peak, which puts you in touch with a high-performance, secure, and reliable cloud environment
  • AWS direct connect, which connects you to one of the most scalable, flexible, and cost-effective cloud solutions around
  • Ethernet connect, which provides an open marketplace where multiple providers can connect, sharing traffic and interconnection services
  • Internet exchange, a neutral, privately-owned and managed internet exchange point allowing businesses to quickly and easily exchange IP traffic
  • Carrier connect, which enables US and international networks to interconnect between ANSI and ETSI within a switch fabric

When you host your data in a Telx data center, you get unparalleled reliability and connectivity, helping future-proof your business, and giving you multiple options for connecting to nearly any network in the world. The value that this connectivity provides is incredible, and is a great reason to consider Telx in your search for a data center services provider. When you are evaluating your data center partner, if you have the option of choosing one with a small set of connectivity options and one with significant choice and access, your decision should focus on the greatest optionality whether you choose to take advantage of it or not.

Want to learn more about the connectivity options offered within our data centers, or the value that comes from that connectivity? Connect with us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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