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Why Interconnection is Critical for Emerging Technologies

Martin Triplett, Senior Director, Product Management
July 2, 2018

In just about every industry and location, enterprise leaders are excited by the prospect of emerging technologies like AI, VR/AR, and IoT. But enabling these technologies and putting them to their best use is not a simple plug and play scenario. It requires a fairly complex network of highly sophisticated services and providers and reliable connections between them. That’s where interconnection comes in.

Interconnection is the deployment of IT traffic exchange points that integrate direct, private connections between businesses and service providers and performs best when hosted in carrier-neutral data center campuses. It’s the most efficient way for businesses to connect to partners and access the resources that support the mission-critical applications that are key to daily success. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why interconnection is critical for supporting today’s emerging technologies.

Direct and secure connectivity. When you think about emerging technologies like IoT, the biggest concern has obviously been security. When sensitive information is moving between regions or even continents almost constantly, the need for the most reliable and secure connections available becomes paramount. Direct, private, 1-to-1 or 1-to-many connections are the fastest connections, and also the most secure. In delivering high-performance applications, avoiding the public internet should be priority number one.

Proximity. Don’t users just love experiencing lag or buffering when using a digital service? Exactly. For most, experiences like these are endlessly frustrating, and the culprit is almost always latency in the connections of the service provider. Especially when it comes to providing users with high quality experiences associated with emerging technologies like AR and VR, avoiding latency is critical. Proximity means having those connected parties being as physically close to each other as possible. Cross Connects are typically the quickest and most efficient way to achieve the type of proximity that equates to a great user experience.

Simplified hybrid deployments. With many enterprises utilizing multiple or hybrid cloud deployments, interconnection is an indispensable tool for removing much of the complexity associated with hybrid cloud. Interconnection products like Digital Realty’s Service Exchange gives enterprises instant, private, secure access to a variety of service providers across our global ecosystem from a single port, making hybrid deployments as simple as they can possibly be..

Carrier-Neutral Facilities. Interconnection is not a simple A to B connection. It’s a complex configuration and as a result, enterprises need to ensure they have the right service for the job at hand. Carrier-neutral interconnection means that the data center you’re making connections within can accommodate a vast array of carriers and service providers. For any application other than the most rigid and specific, carrier-neutral interconnection is the way to go.

So, whether you’re looking to take advantage of emerging technologies like IoT and AR/VR or you just want to ensure your hybrid cloud deployments function at their highest level, interconnection is for you. To learn more about how Digital Realty’s interconnection services can be tailored to fit your company’s mission-critical needs, get started here.

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