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Why Directly Connecting to a Cloud Provider like Amazon Web Services Makes a Difference.

Les Williams
February 28, 2014

When considering overall business and IT strategies, companies need to consider business continuity and disaster recovery. Combined with continuing increases in customer expectations, businesses need a variety of network strategies to connect users, enterprise data centers, colocation facilities, and the cloud.

In crafting their IT strategies, businesses often have questions about how they can reach cloud providers—a great question considering the growing importance of access to the cloud, and the many options out there for getting access to it.

A company can connect to a cloud provider through a data center services provider that offers cloud and connectivity services. While it’s obviously possible to connect to cloud services like Amazon’s AWS via the Internet, a direct connection is the best way to reach a cloud provider if true continuity, privacy and high performance features you’re looking for. Direct connections through a provider like Telx also provide the added benefit of connectivity to many other carriers, content providers, cloud services, and other value add resources to ensure that your business can quickly respond to an ever-changing environment.

Last year, Telx started offering private access to the Amazon Web Services network. Telx customers using the AWS Direct Connect service can connect their infrastructure within the data center directly into the AWS cloud to access the numerous public and private compute services offered there. What’s more, using Telx allows businesses to craft hybrid cloud configurations that specifically fit their needs; services can be spun up or tuned down as needed across their private Telx infrastructure and the AWS cloud.

Customers can access either the east or west AWS gateways without needing a separate long haul connection or a separate contract. Telx AWS direct connect includes a transparent connection from wherever you are to the gateway of your choice.

Further enhancing a customer’s hybrid cloud configurations, Customers can leverage Telx’s National Connect services for dual-homing to both AWS east and west to build in cloud redundancy for DR or just for localized data distribution on both coasts.

Whether you’re utilizing a hybrid cloud configuration or working full-time on the AWS network, having direct access to the cloud increases reliability and uptime, allows businesses to satisfy their Big Data needs, reduces bandwidth costs, and provides consistency in performance—among many other advantages.

For a relatively low initial investment with Telx, customers can get access to the Amazon Web Services network and reap all of the rewards mentioned above. In today’s ever-changing business environment, direct connection to the cloud provides the flexibility you want and the reliability your customers need. Looking for more information about our cloud and connectivity services? Reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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