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Chris Sharp, CTO, on Our Customer-Driven Evolution

Chris Hunsaker, Director, Technical Innovation
July 11, 2017

At Digital Realty, our main motivation has always been, and continues to be, helping our customers meet their evolving business needs. We pride ourselves on continuously innovating to stay at the forefront of the data center industry.

As Digital Realty’s Chief Technology Officer, Chris Sharp, puts it, “our main focus is serving our customers with the appropriate products in the appropriate markets.”

And the best part? Our expanded product portfolio allows our customers to go from a cabinet to multiple megawatt deployments on a global scale. Which means you can never outgrow us because we can support a greater portion of your IT lifecycle needs and help to future-proof your IT strategy.

1 Cabinet to a Multi-Megawatt

Listen to Chris Sharp discuss how Digital Realty is creating a strong foundation for the success of our customers.

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