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Using a Neutral Data Center to Connect to the Cloud: Public IP vs. Direct Connect

Anthony Rossabi
April 21, 2014

There’s no doubt that the cloud is growing. Data center traffic in the cloud is expected to increase fivefold through 2017, and more and more CIOs are starting to realize that the cloud is a great way to reduce costs while also increasing efficiency and scalability.

There’s only one problem: as this reliance upon the cloud continues to grow, older methods of connecting to the cloud are starting to become outdated, whether for security, cost, or even just logistical reasons.

When the cloud first started growing in popularity around the enterprise, the main option for connecting to the cloud was via the public Internet. Although using a carrier-neutral facility does give businesses diversity in service provider options for connecting to the cloud via public IP, there are still concerns that come along with such a connection, namely, cost, latency, and reliability.

A traditional IP connection is subject to many variables affecting end users and cost, and businesses connecting to the cloud over public IP are essentially at the mercy of ISPs and the unpredictability of the public Internet.

Luckily, as the cloud has matured, so too have the options for connecting to it. The most mature cloud providers—like Amazon’s AWS, for example—have started offering direct connections to the cloud which allow businesses to bypass traditional public IP connections while ensuring a low latency, highly resilient, always-on connection.

Unlike a public IP connection to the cloud, a direct connection is cost efficient, highly reliable, and consistent in performance with lower I/O and API latencies. Enterprises connecting to the cloud via a direct connection through a carrier-neutral facility like Telx aren’t at the mercy of the public Internet, and can get a much more robust connection that’s just not possible through older methods of connectivity.

Having direct access to the cloud increases reliability and uptime, giving businesses a multitude of advantages over traditional public IP connections.

With a carrier-neutral data center services provider like Telx, your businesses can be directly connected to some of the best cloud providers around, from Amazon’s AWS to Peak. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of a direct connection to the cloud, reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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