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The Power of the Preposition

Michael Terlizzi
January 28, 2014

A preposition is word that precedes a noun to show the noun’s spatial or temporal relationship to another word in that sentence. “In,” “near,” “around” are examples of prepositions.

With Super Bowl XLVIII just a few short days away, I am certain Rex Ryan and my beloved Jets would rather be “IN” the Big Game rather than “AT” the Big Game. Oh, the power of words…

As buyers of data center services perform their diligence, they should closely scrutinize how the prepositions are used in order to differentiate the facts from the hype. Given the effects on the region of Super storm Sandy, buyers of NJ data center space are more focused than ever on flood zones and logically want to be located in a facility where flooding poses the least risk. The FEMA flood maps clearly are the primary resource in identifying that risk. A data center is either “OUTSIDE” the 500 year flood plain, like Telx Clifton Campus, or it is “WITHIN”. Some clever marketers may claim their facility is “ABOVE” the flood plain. I guess the top floor of a high rise building in lower Manhattan is also “ABOVE” the flood plain, however because that same building is also “WITHIN” , access to the building could be cut off for, days, weeks, or longer when storms like Sandy strike. Ability to deliver fuel and have access to the facilities for vendor management and maintenance to equipment is critical during these times. With generators possibly running and fuel needing replenishing, multiple routes and access are key to survival in the event of a storm like Sandy strikes. Telx campus falls outside of the 500 year plain and has multiple access points for all directions to ensure access is had at all times, even in worst case flooding or other unseen natural disasters.

So my message to data center buyers is simply to mind your prepositions as you are propositioned for data center services and ensure your infrastructure is in a facility offering you “OUTSIDE” a 500 year flood plain.

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