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Telx Supports FASTER Cable System on West Coast of U.S.

July 23, 2015  |  Written by Don Schuett, VP of Commerical Management

Today Telx issued a press release announcing its support for the new FASTER transpacific cable system.  The entire press release can be read here.  In summary, the FASTER cable system will be using Telx’s PRT1 data center in Hillsboro Oregon as a distribution point of presence (POP) where the transpacific capacity can be accessed.  The FASTER cable system will have an initial capacity of 60 Tbps and will connect the West Coast of the U.S. to Japan.  

Hillsboro Oregon has long been part of the Pacific Northwest’s “Silicon Forest”, but has received a significant amount of attention recently when several new transpacific systems, including FASTER, announced they would be landing on the coast of Oregon and establishing major distribution nodes in the city.  Hillsboro is no stranger to the submarine cable market with multiple cable stations including TGN-Pacific, Southern Cross, and Trans-Pacific Express (TPE) systems already in the area.  The significance of the Telx announcement is that our PRT1 facility is truly a carrier neutral site and will grow further as the primary hub in the region where multiple submarine cables, terrestrial networks, and content and cloud providers can interconnect and exchange traffic.  Whether it’s a carrier, service provider, or Enterprise customer, Telx has made it easy to establish a colocation environment in PRT1 and connect with suppliers, customers, and partners.      

Telx Portland supports Faster international IP cable
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For more information about Telx’s support of the FASTER transpacific cable system, see the full press release here. For any additional questions, please contact us via our site’s Contact Us page, or by Facebook or Twitter.