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Telx Data Center Spotlight: NYC3

Ben Gonyea
July 17, 2014

When it comes to data centers, you might think that every data center is the same. To some extent, that may be true—most data centers are based off of similar principles, and all of them are used to house the incredible amounts of data around today.

Even so, there are variances in different data centers that can make one data center better than another. Is the data center compliant with mandates like HIPAA? How is the data center equipped to handle disruptive natural events? What are its technical specifications? All of these are important questions that your business should ask when outsourcing your data center.

But that’s not all. Technical specifications aside, every once in a while, a data center emerges that’s unique not because it surpasses your technical needs or because it’s compliant with most current mandates, but because it has a history.

That’s exactly the case with NYC3, Telx’s newest data center, and Telx’s third New York City based data center.

Located at 32 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Avenue, NYC3 allows Telx to offer unparalleled levels of connectivity, resiliency and service throughout the New York metro with assets in the three most sought after strategic locations for network connectivity in Manhattan. Of course, it has excellent technical specifications, from N+1 UPS, generator, and cooling redundancy, to SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance. But more than that, it offers a history unlike any other you may find in today’s crowded colocation ecosystem.

NYC3—also known as the AT&T Long Lines building—started its life as a cornerstone of global communication when it was built to serve as a communication hub to filter telephone traffic. As you can see in our new film, Urban Giants, in which the AT&T Long Lines building was featured, this rich history has carried into today, where we’re building off of its foundation and using it as one of our premier data centers across our national fleet. It’s not every day that a building like this comes around—and it’s even less frequently that a building like this can be repurposed and used in a way that would make its original creators proud.

We’re proud to have NYC3 in the AT&T Long Lines building. Sure, it’s an industry-leading data center—but it also has that rich history that distinguishes it from other buildings in the area, the country, and even around the world.

To learn more about NYC3’s history, take a look at Urban Giants on Vimeo here. And to learn more about how Telx is using this great data center today, see its information page here, or reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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