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Service Exchange Delivers Precious Business Commodity: Connectivity

Fabienne Adam, Director of Cloud and Connectivity
February 2, 2017

If you had a particularly hectic end to 2016, you may have missed Digital Realty’s big announcement. We are talking about our newest offering, Service Exchange. Service Exchange is a connectivity-as-a-service product that will help deliver to IT departments the scalability and flexibility they need to employ efficient and cost-effective multi-cloud strategies.

Collecting Big Data is one thing. Organizing, moving, and making the highest and best use out of it is another entirely. A single dedicated data center is not the most efficient way to act on the data you’ve gathered. Real, actionable insight is what leaders are after, and Service Exchange will help deliver it.

Connectivity is the commodity that will deliver these insights. The ecosystem that creates and captures all of this data is expanding. Alternatives to the dominant cloud providers continue to crop up, and new XaaS companies are continually trying to outdo each other’s offerings. Frankly, it’s a great situation right now for any IT leader that is looking for a new multi-cloud strategy.

As Digital Realty CTO Chris Sharp indicated in a recent conversation with Data Center Knowledge, “the enterprise data center…in the classic sense, is gone.” And we’re not trying to say that it’s Service Exchange (and similar innovations) that killed it. It’s the diversification of the industry, and the rise of entire categories of add-on services that make buying and using IT services less cookie cutter and more like a big box of Legos.

Service Exchange will be like aspirin for the IT leader with a pulsing headache. It will “future-proof” the organization’s IT architecture. By scaling almost infinitely up or down, and by enabling interconnection with virtually any cloud or service providers, Service Exchange enables a custom vision to become reality, based on changing needs.

When you think about what your projections for today’s IT needs were five years ago, and try to imagine what those needs will look like in another five years, the value of a truly flexible and scalable solution should be clear. You may have been all-in on cloud, for example, but would you have predicted multi-cloud? By the same token, the likelihood that tomorrow’s multi-cloud environment looks the same as today’s is remote.

Would you like more information on Service Exchange and how it could be a game-changer for your business? Click here to dive in and learn more.

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