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Q&A with Instor’s Jim Levin, V.P. of Business Development, Strategy & Marketing

Holly Byrnes, Event Coordinator
March 27, 2018

Earlier this year, we kicked off 2018 with our annual Sales Kick Off (SKO) conference in beautiful San Diego. This was an opportunity for us to bring our entire Sales and Marketing organizations together to hear from our executive leadership team, get up to speed on our Go-to-Market strategies, take advantage of trainings and spend quality time with colleagues from around the world.

Additionally, SKO is an opportunity to work with some incredible and innovative companies in the industry as our sponsors! Throughout the 3-day event, we had an area set up right outside the main room with our sponsor booths which allowed for our Salesforce to meet and network with them.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Jim Levin, V.P. of Business Development, Strategy & Marketing, a Platinum Sponsor of our SKO 2018. Read below for the Q&A:

For those who aren’t familiar with Instor, give us a run down on what Instor does and the value prop.

Not familiar with Instor? Shocking! Impossible! Particularly after the recent SKO! Real live Stormtroopers anyone? But I digress….

Instor is the global leader in rapid deployment of Data Center Infrastructure. Our core offering we call Data Center Fit-Up and entails the design, procurement and build-out of the white space inside a data center. While we work in both colo and on-premise environments, the vast majority of our work is done in wholesale colocation data centers. Our value proposition is clear and impactful: we focus on the rapid build out of our customer’s data centers so that they can focus on their core business. And we do this in a timeframe that is consistent with the mission critical nature of the industry we all work in. We also leverage unique and innovative tools, such as our online estimator (www.datacenterfitup.com) that helps our customers and partners to very rapidly determine the costs associated with building out IT infrastructure in a specific geography or region.

What are some trends you’re seeing that are affecting the data center market?
Great question! Undeniably, the wholesale colocation data center market has become increasingly competitive in the last couple of years, with REITs trying to emulate Digital Realty’s obvious success with hyperscale, cloud and enterprise customers. In addition, consolidation has also transformed the industry, creating a few true data center superpowers. Last, private equity continues to find the data center industry to be highly attractive, and new and/or recapitalized entities continue to enter the market, e.g. EdgeCore, Cyxtera, Element Critical.

What’s your relationship with Digital Realty?
Instor is a Strategic Partner of Digital Realty’s, which essentially means that we are a thoroughly vetted, trusted and highly-capable partner, and have managed a very large number of data center builds in Digital Realty data centers around the world, on behalf of many of Digital Realty’s largest customers.

We were thrilled to have you at our 2018 Sales Kick Off in San Diego. What did you take away from your experience there?
Thank you, it was our pleasure to be a Platinum Sponsor again in 2018! We felt like San Diego was easily the best SKO that we’ve participated in for a number of different reasons. First, I think that Digital Realty made real efforts to accommodate the needs of the sponsors, thereby helping to justify the expense of the event. Next, we were given multiple opportunities to engage directly with Digital Realty people from across the spectrum of your organization — from C level to Sales Engineering to Sales and Implementation. Last, while this is a small thing, it really feels nice when so many people stop to thank you for your sponsorship! It is wonderful to be appreciated.

From everyone at Digital Realty, we extend a huge thank you to Jim and the entire Instor team who supported our SKO this year! For more information, visit their website.

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