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Innovations in Connectivity - Infographic

Ben Gonyea, Vice President, Product Management
October 25, 2016

Right now, we are in a fascinating time in the history of connectivity. New developments in technologies in both our personal and professional lives slightly alter our daily routines on a regular basis. From Augmented Reality gaming to The Connected Campus, there is no doubt that the coming years will hold even more exciting innovations. But have you ever thought about the procession of historical events that got us to where we are today?

That’s exactly what we decided to do. Below you will find an infographic produced by Digital Realty called, “Innovations in Connectivity.” Though no infographic could ever fit every single important event in the evolution of connectivity, here you will find a series of events from 1455 to present that we deemed critical on the path to now.

From the first disparate markets to the first message ever transmitted over the ARPANET, the history of connectivity is full of little-celebrated but transformative moments. Which events do you think had the most considerable impact? Where do you think the next big innovations in connectivity will come from? We invite you to share this infographic with your colleagues and join the conversation on social media.

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