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HudsonAlpha Is Changing the World for the Better

Louis Ma, Account Executive
December 1, 2016

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is changing the world through its ground-breaking genomic research. The scientists and researchers at HudsonAlpha are focused on bold innovations, manifest in four distinct areas: research-driven discovery, education, genomic medicine, and entrepreneurship.

The goals of the organization are massive, and so are the steps it has already taken. President and Science Director Richard Myers, PhD said, “Our mission is to apply state-of-the-art, and really, advanced technologies that we’re helping to develop, to decipher, read, and understand DNA.”

With so many enterprises focused on Big Data and how they can harness it to make the organization smarter, HudsonAlpha is focused on perhaps the biggest data of all. The implications of genomic research are as diverse as the human population itself. From diseases and medicines to our reactions to environmental factors, the stakes are high.

The goal is to help create a smarter world— a world with more genomic interest and awareness across the board. The leadership at HudsonAlpha envisions a world where each person born is given access to their genetic code, which will then follow them throughout their life like a social security number, making healthcare make more sense than ever before.

The technological requirements to access and analyze this data are significant. As HudsonAlpha’s Peyton McNully said, “to have a single genome represented as a 200-300 gig file somewhere, when you talk about doing that at population scale, that becomes a very non-trivial matter to deal with from an infrastructure and technology resource standpoint.”

While collecting such a massive amount of data is one thing, deploying it is another. McNully points out that in order to put this information to its highest and best use, it sometimes must travel the length of the globe. Digital Realty helps make this process as quick and seamless as possible.

Hudson Alpha Case Study

The scientists and researchers at HudsonAlpha are working toward a world where genomic research and technology have combined to greatly improve our quality of life. Want to learn more about the work being done by HudsonAlpha? Watch the video!

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