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How Enterprises Can Utilize the Power of the Trifecta

April 23, 2015  |  Written by John Bonczek, Vice President, Sales

Some call it The City that Never Sleeps. Others call it The Empire City. You’ve probably heard it called The Big Apple. No matter what you call it, however, there’s no denying that New York, New York is one of the most important cities in the world.

While New York City may have first made its mark as a business and cultural hub in the United States, over time, it’s also grown to be one of the most connected markets in the country, if not the entire world. Home to hundreds of thousands of businesses and a throughfare for many others, the country’s most populous city is a key market for businesses of all types.

That brings us to a connectivity problem—or at least, what could be a connectivity problem. Digital media companies, publishing companies, banks, social media companies, and many other businesses in between are all increasingly becoming content providers.

Regardless of vertical or specific industry, enterprises of all types have content and media they need to get to their end users. It doesn’t matter whether that end user is a mobile social media user composing a post or an employee working in the cloud at home or in the office. Companies have a lot of data, and they need network connectivity to transport that data to wherever it needs to go. But not all connectivity is created equal.

Enter the Telx Trifecta. Recognizing the importance of NYC to the global market, Telx recently added NYC3 to its suite of New York data centers, and last year, introduced the Telx Trifecta. The Telx Trifecta combines the assets of 60 Hudson St., 111 8th Avenue, and 32 Avenue of the Americas, as well as Telx’s Tier III Clifton, NJ campus, for a total square footage of over 700,000 sq. ft.

What the Trifecta gives companies that other facilities don’t is true connectivity at the edge. Getting your content out means getting access to carriers and providers—eyeball networks—who can take your content to your end users. The Trifecta encompasses the top three most interconnected, carrier-dense locations in the tri-state area, maybe even in the world. The greatest access to the carriers you need to connect with is at a Trifecta location. Our three facilities provide the closest point of access for you to reach your end users with the least number of hops along the way.

With low-latency access to NYC’s diverse ecosystem, unparalleled resiliency in Manhattan’s most strategic locations, room to scale in a densely-populated area, and more, no other provider offers both the space and the connectivity available in the Telx Trifecta.

If what you need is to be as close as possible to the networks that distribute your content, there’s really no place in the world like Telx’s three NYC data center locations.

Interested in learning more about the Trifecta? See its dedicated page and contact us here.

John Bonczek

John Bonczek

Vice President, Sales

John Bonczek is a ten-year Telx veteran and currently responsible for the strategic direction of its service provider organization in the eastern half of the US. John joined the Telx sales team in early 2003 as a sales executive, bringing with him over ten years of telecommunications experience. Early in his employment John held leadership roles overseeing the Telx sales engineering team and later various parts of the sales organization.  Previously he worked for Verizon, ARBROS Communications, Network Plus, AT&T and NYNEX. John has received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Seton Hall University’s W. Paul Stillman School of Business.