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How Can Internet Exchange Help My Business?

Damion Lackamp
March 25, 2014

An Internet Exchange provides a way for customers to quickly and easily exchange IP traffic via direct peering arrangements with other exchange members.

Our Internet Exchange here at Telx is called the Telx Internet Exchange, or TIE. Not only do we provide Ethernet Connect and direct connection to cloud service providers like Peak and AWS; TIE offers unparalleled connection between ISPs, gaming providers, content providers, enterprises, education providers and more. Through TIE, customers can quickly and easily exchange IP traffic through a neutral, privately-owned and managed Internet Exchange Point, or IXP.

Like our many other cloud and connectivity services, TIE offers a number of benefits to businesses looking to expand their ecosystem and make their network more robust (remember: the value of your data center is directly proportional to the connectivity options residing within it). Some of the benefits of using TIE include:

  • Reduced cost, but increased performance: By quickly connecting you to a host of networks where you can exchange IP traffic, the Telx Internet Exchange increases performance—benefiting your end users—while also reducing cost compared to other solutions. TIE provides businesses with efficient, cost-effective connections, something that’s hard to find anywhere else.
  • Disaster recovery/preparedness: In the event of a natural or other type of disaster, the last thing you want to do is have your network go down. TIE provides you with alternate connection options to terminate or accept IP traffic providing you additional cover and disaster readiness. TIE offers increased reliability at a low monthly cost setting you up for continued success should a disaster occur.
  • 100% uptime: Telx offers a 100% uptime guarantee through TIE. You’re guaranteed to have a stable, reliable network, a critical element of a successful business, and again, something that can be very difficult to find through other data center services providers.
  • Ease of management: Finally, TIE offers ease of management and monitoring. Our Customer Portal allows you to monitor performance and traffic metrics, and we also provide you with one invoice to manage—not a stack of paperwork to sort through every month. All of this gives you an easy-to-manage, cost-effective way to build your network.

The benefits of connecting through TIE are many. Our Telx Internet Exchange can help your business increase its audience without dramatically raising costs, and above all, being a member of the Exchange opens you up to a whole new world of peering opportunities. And it’s all provided in an easy-to-manage package.

Interested in learning more about how the Telx Internet Exchange can help your business grow? Connect with us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter and let us know—we’d love to hear from you.

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