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First in the series of EMEA City Breakfast Briefings a success

Amanda Sehmar, Marketing Manager
July 19, 2018

The first in a series of EMEA Breakfast Briefings was hosted on a beautifully sunny day in London on Tuesday 26 June. Co-hosted by Andy Power, CFO, and Rob Coupland, MD EMEA, at a stunning location with views that spanned the City of London, stakeholders attended to hear speakers dive into the focus for the briefing ‘Protecting and generating growth from today’s essential business asset – your data’.

Two industry speakers gave a comprehensive overview of the current economic climate and the challenges of cyber security we face:

  • Dr Christian Schulz, Economist and Director at Citi, explored the economy whilst bringing into play the current Brexit negotiations, or Brexit options as Dr Schulz prefers to call them, and he concluded that ‘nothing is resolved until everything is resolved!’
  • Robert Hannigan, former director at GCHQ and Executive Chairman at BlueVoyant Europe, gave insights from his GCHQ background to provide a very real view of the cyber security world we live in. Introducing us to new terms such as ‘hactivist’ whilst explaining just how easy it is to conduct an attack with hackers organised like managed services organisations, the audience was left with much to contemplate

The Briefing drew in 42 attendees including global brands such as HPE, Shell, Verizon, China Mobile, and Morgan Stanley.

Sue Jones, VP Marketing EMEA states: ‘We found the combination of excellent speakers discussing industry hot topics a huge success with the customer and prospect audience’

“We’ve recently launched a first-of-its-kind report in EMEA called the Data Economy Report which demonstrates the economic value data brings to a country’s economy. As we know, data is an essential business asset that brings both challenges and opportunities to businesses and it’s essential a cyber-security strategy is at the heart of this.

“We’re helping our customers and prospective customers by bringing together top industry experts to provide insight and inform them throughout their data journey.”

If you are interested in future Digital Realty Breakfast Briefings, please let us know by emailing us at channelteam@digitialrealty.com

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