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Drive your business forward with access to Europe’s leading Internet Exchanges

Simon Francis, Sales Director
March 25, 2019

One thing we know for sure is the importance of connectivity in our lives. Whether that’s on a day-to-day basis when you pick up your phone to quickly Google something, opening your laptop to begin your day’s work or when you log-on to your banking. We all expect connectivity to be fast, seamless and especially secure.

In the world of business, connectivity is pushing the boundaries of competition. It’s enabling innovation, new products and services, different supply chains and a total shift in business models as we know them. For business across the world, it means customers, both internal and external want newer, faster, better services which in turn demands better, faster and more secure connectivity.

Digital Realty’s role in supporting its customers is to provide connectivity that’s just that; secure, fast and reliable enough to meet the new demands they face. Our mission is to provide the foundations for businesses to fulfil their digital ambitions.

To deliver this, we recently partnered with DE-CIX to offer access to their Internet Exchange from our Frankfurt Data Centres, completing our partnerships with three of the world’s largest internet exchange platforms – DE-CIX, AMS-IX, & LINX. That’s in addition to our own exchange, DRIX, in North America. Through these partnerships, our customers have access to an interconnected community ready to support them with their evolving business needs.

As technology creates enormous demand for services built on complex network architectures that rely on dependable, fast and secure connectivity, Internet Exchanges (IXs) add an extra weapon to the CIO’s armoury. Enterprises are recognising the value of the high performing platforms provided by Internet Exchanges and are making the most of them to access a wide variety of carriers and content providers through the Internet Exchange.

Internet Exchange (IX) Definition:

The internet is a network of networks, based on the Internet Protocol. Traditionally, at an Internet Exchange, the networks of internet service providers, telecommunications carriers and content providers meet to exchange Internet Protocol traffic with one another. A single connection to the Internet Exchange enables them to exchange traffic with many participants. This exchanging of regional, national and international IP traffic is generally known as "peering". Peering enables these connected networks to offer stable, fast and cost-effective internet services to their end-users and business customers. Peering makes the internet robust and resilient, a network of networks all linked together.

IXs work as switching platforms that allow large numbers of national and international carriers, content platforms, SaaS platforms and clouds to directly exchange traffic with one another. It is reciprocal, instantly routing internet traffic through the most efficient, lowest latency route. By linking into these exchanges, we can provide the fastest, most cost efficient, most secure, way for businesses to connect to customers, offices, suppliers and networks.

These IXs are pushing the boundaries of speed in business connectivity, and a vital part of our mission is to enable our customers to access the advantages speed brings. It’s likely that Internet Exchanges will soon deliver new performance benchmarks for effective, timely and reliable network traffic management - for instance, a recent report commissioned by DE-CIX highlighted the 5% latency improvements peering can bring which is huge in today’s world where every single millisecond counts. Going forward, these performance improvements will become critical to the Enterprise organisation in sustaining business competitiveness.

From colocation to scale, the design of your data centre infrastructure is crucial in giving you the fastest, most cost effective and secure connection to your partners, customers, suppliers and beyond. To find out more about Internet Exchanges and the competitive advantages they bring, get in touch with a Digital Realty expert.

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