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Digital Transformation No Longer Optional

Sherri Liebo, SVP, Marketing
April 26, 2018

Launch a business with nothing but your smart phone, work in a car that drives itself, have other smart devices do everything from suggest music you’d like to schedule your appointments, or answer all your questions. To some this still sounds like Sci-Fi, to others, technology is the genie in the bottle they’ve been waiting on for a long time.

We live in a culture heavily influenced by the power of digital technologies to meet extremely high consumer expectations. No matter where you are, customers expect your businesses to be digital, mobile, and global—available 24/7 from anywhere they happen to need it.

The digital economy is basically calling for a restructuring of your business or at least your business model—in the form of digital transformation. According to research conducted by Harvard Business School, enterprises that embraced digital transformation saw their three-year average gross margins at 55%, compared to only 37% for companies that were not prepared to transform their businesses digitally.

Many enterprises are still working to figure out what should come next for them regarding digital transformation. The bottom line is that digital transformation is no longer optional. It’s now an imperative. How will your organization and IT architecture thrive in this brave new world? If you’re looking to lead your organization through this major shift in the way you consume and utilize IT services, learn more about how the right data center solutions can enable your digital transformation by helping future-proof your IT strategy in my article: Change or Die: Surviving Digital Disruption in Data Center Frontier: Voices.

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