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Digital Realty’s Service Exchange and “the Age of the Customer”

Mark Vaillancourt, Director, Customer Experience
April 19, 2017

Digital Realty’s newest offering, Service Exchange, powered by Megaport, represents an exciting milestone for our company.

Service Exchange provides direct, private connections to the cloud, or multiple clouds, multiple service providers, other participants of the platform, and other data centers on the connected network, all from a single interface. It’s a product that will evolve and grow as the market does.

But arguably the most exciting thing about Service Exchange is the sheer utility and ease of use it provides for our customers.

That’s no coincidence. We see Service Exchange as a complex product that is part of a wider cultural phenomenon that Forrester has described as “the age of the customer.” This term is a period we have recently entered where the experience of the customer is arguably the most important aspect of any transaction. With competition and consumer knowledge on the rise in virtually all industries, customers simply won’t come back if they don’t have a great experience.

When it comes to that experience, there are two aspects to any product or service. On the one hand, there is the output. This is what you get out of it. If the product is a can of soda, we’re talking about the flavor and perhaps a slight sugar rush. If it is a car, we would take into account how it looks, how it drives, how much gas mileage it gets, etc. With an interconnection service like Service Exchange, you can rely on the output of security, scalability, and flexibility.

On the other hand, there is the input. What do you have to do to activate or use that product or service? Is it a simple product to use or do you need advanced knowledge or even a dedicated team to utilize it? You know what kind of input you need to get a can of soda, however, cloud and associated IT services in the past have been anything but straightforward in their deployment. Can this scale? What other services can I use this with? Service Exchange fights against overcomplicated input in order to put power in the customer’s hands.

The experience that Service Exchange provides is truly customer-first in that it provides the simplest possible path between input and output. It also maximizes the quality of that output. By breaking down barriers between systems, customers, and business partners, customers are able to identify needs and priorities and act on them quickly and easily. With this ease of interconnection, a new world of possibility opens for Service Exchange customers.

With Service Exchange, the flexibility of both input and output is also unparalleled. Services can be turned on or off with the literal push of a button, and customers can therefore adjust strategies on the go based on changing needs or circumstances. The instantaneous management of multiple processes and locations puts the power in customers’ hands. There’s no going back. “The age of the customer” is here to stay and Digital Realty is proud to be a part of it.

Service Exchange embodies “the age of the customer” by shifting the dynamics so that customers are much more like active participants than passive consumers, designing and deploying cloud and other services as their organizations deem fit. With Service Exchange powered by Megaport, we are helping our customers achieve their business goals by providing the maximum possible output combined with a minimum level of input. Want to learn more about Service Exchange?

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