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Digital Realty Managing Director Talks Europe with Data Economy

Sue Jones, VP, Marketing
May 10, 2018

At the end of last year, Digital Realty’s EMEA Managing Director Rob Coupland sat down with Data Economy’s João Marques Lima to discuss some of the major topics for businesses in Europe, including GDPR, blockchain, AI, and more.

Some of the key topics touched on are:

Digital Realty’s new Frankfurt campus. Frankfurt is an increasingly lucrative destination for businesses, attracting leading international organisations from across the globe. Its central location, excellent infrastructure, concentration of future-orientated companies and its international flair, gives Frankfurt its leading position as a major European city

GDPR is set to reshape the way businesses handle digital information. Coupland points out how far ahead of the curve Germany has been with respect to data privacy and suggests that GDPR will be the catalyst for other nations to follow suit.

Emerging tech and data center services. The contribution of data to economies is already thought to be substantial in terms of cost savings, revenue growth and the generation of economic output. For businesses, there is now a growing variety of tools that can be used in tandem with data center services to help businesses generate greater value from their data..

Learn more about Digital Realty’s presence in EMEA and its vision for 2018 and beyond by watching the full interview at Data Economy.

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