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The Benefits of Global Colocation

July 26, 2015

Everyone working in IT knows that being able to access, analyze and exchange data is critically important to business success. And in today’s environment, there is no shortage of options to consider, especially when it comes to hybrid cloud strategy. For most organizations, the optimal answer involves global colocation.

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Whether your company is an industry juggernaut or you’re still on your way there …

Being able to efficiently access, analyze, and exchange data is the key to growth in today’s connected digital world.

But how do you match data center requirements to your company’s unique IT strategy and growth goals, which are critical to your overall success?

That’s where Digital Realty comes in.

Digital Reality provides agile and ultra-connected data center solutions, which allow you to…

  • Implement your hybrid cloud strategy.
  • Efficiently and effectively deploy the right workloads where you need them.
  • Precisely match your data center and co-location requirements with the demands of your business.
  • Implement agile IT solutions that can scale globally.
  • And accelerate growth by enabling strategic IT deployment.

We focus on delivering the Right Workload, in the Right Place… at the Right Value.

With multiple connectivity options across our carrier-dense ecosystem, we ensure your business has all the connectivity it needs… all the time.

And with over 125 data centers in more than 30 markets, worldwide…Digital Reality provides the agility needed to seamlessly exchange data between your data centers, your hybrid cloud deployments, and all of your fixed and mobile locations.

So now you and your customers can have faster access to data, anywhere.

Contact Digital Reality today to learn more, and ask about touring one of our colocation data centers worldwide.

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