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Digital Realty Delivers 11 Consecutive Years of ‘Five Nines’

Erich Sanchack, EVP, Operations
April 4, 2018

I am very proud to announce that Digital Realty has delivered ‘five nines’ of uptime for the 11th straight year, exceeding 99.999% availability throughout 2017.

Last year, we faced several challenges involving severe weather and power outages. Throughout the devastating and tragic Hurricane Harvey, our Houston data centers maintained 100% uptime amid the historic rain and flooding. In addition to giving back to the Houston community by making hurricane relief contributions, we are proud to have been able to prevent any downtime for our customers in the area and keep their businesses up and running.

A few months prior to Hurricane Harvey, we were also able to remain online with zero downtime throughout the unprecedented power outages in New York and San Francisco which impacted critical facilities in both cities.

While it’s not ideal to have these types of events occur, we are committed to providing resiliency to our customers in all circumstances.

Uptime is an important consideration for enterprise decision makers as well as for the classification of the facilities themselves. For the uninitiated, 99.9% uptime might sound impressive. But, when you do the math you’ll see that equates to about 9 hours of downtime per year. Even when those 9 hours are spread out over 365 days, the negative ripple effects can be serious (and expensive).

We are proud to be able to offer industry-leading uptime in virtually every one of our facilities, helping our customers to run their businesses with consistency and confidence. To learn more about Digital Realty’s “five nines” uptime, read the press release in its entirety.

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