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Data Centers Built for Growth

Dan Papes, SVP, Global Sales and Marketing
June 13, 2017

Our dependence on data and analytics, along with the Internet of Things (IoT), continues to transform the way we live and, in turn, the way we do business. It’s estimated that by 2020 more than 24 billion IoT devices will exist worldwide, generating up to 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes of data. The exponential growth in data generated and accessed by consumers and enterprises is changing the way companies consume IT services and how data centers operate.

As a data center provider, we have always been strategic about our expansion in order to ensure we could deliver data center solutions that drive the digital economy. We have targeted key global metro areas with dense interconnection to deliver greater value for our customers. Doing so has placed us at the center of the major shift in the data center industry.

The need for enterprises to exploit economies of scale, drive cost efficiencies, and increase their speed to market is calling for a more customized approach to scalability and a need to deploy data center capacity more quickly and efficiently. While these new requirements bring challenges, they offer Digital Realty great opportunities to serve as a solution center provider and not just a data center provider.

The Evolution of a Global Power House
With economic growth at the heart of this significant turning point in business and technology, enterprises are looking for a service provider who can provide comprehensive solutions.

The evolution of our company, including our recent acquisitions, has positioned us to do just that. Today, we continue transforming our data centers into solution centers by delivering solutions that can help enterprises future-proof their IT strategies by supporting IT lifecycles from startup to expansion. By bringing all the necessary cloud, interconnection, and network elements together under one environment, we are enabling our customers to harness the power of our Connected Campus and Service Exchange to increase the value of their networks, reduce costs, and deploy next to the customers, partners, and networks that power their business—all through one service provider.

Our modular data center designs make it easy for tech leaders to deploy globally and count on a consistent experience across 33 global metro areas. From one cabinet to multi-megawatts, our repeatable approach can help accelerate your business growth by delivering comprehensive data center solutions when and where you need them.

Data Center to Solution Center

Learn more about why Digital Realty is a trusted global data center partner to some of the largest companies in social media, financial services, healthcare, and software.

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