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Colocation as the Foundation of Cloud Computing

May 12, 2015

In an announcement accompanying a Datacenter KnowledgeBase (DCKB) release, Katie Broderick, a research director with 451 Research, made a powerful statement: “Colocation continues to be the bedrock for much of Cloud 2.0.” That quote came from a sharp data analyst who also has a way with words. We couldn’t agree more.

Across the spectrum, large enterprises, established midmarket firms, and growing startups are taking advantage of colocation as a key element of their hybrid cloud strategies. As that same announcement from 451 Research noted, Digital Realty is the No. 1 provider in the Global Wholesale/Retail Colocation market in terms of operational square feet, and No. 2 in terms of revenue. In working with our clients across the world, we are seeing three clear trends:

  1. Accelerating their growth requires connecting to the cloud, their customers, and their distributed facilities easily and economically.
  2. Executing on hybrid cloud strategies requires aligning diverse IT workloads to their infrastructure with agility for future needs built in, at pricing that is in line with those needs.
  3. Their business strategies require the operational excellence of a true strategic partner who can support their business and IT growth locally and globally.

There is a growing recognition among business and IT leaders that incorporating hybrid cloud strategies is critical to business success. Not surprisingly, businesses seek to put the right IT workloads in the right place at the right value. That’s why we’ve built Colocation from Digital Realty to be Connected, Agile, and Global.

One of the main things that brought me to Digital Realty more than two years ago was the opportunity to work with a roster of amazing clients. Here are what some of them have to say about Colocation from Digital Realty:

GoGrid, considered the world’s No. 1 on-demand platform for evaluating and running big data technologies relies on the agility of Digital Realty’s solutions: “Digital Realty delivered a customized Colocation Data Center that can be modified rack by rack as our business continues to grow and evolve.” View Case Study

Sentinel Technologies, a leading systems integrator specializing in data center virtualization, cloud, and managed services, leverages our global capabilities to fuel their growth strategy:“Because of Digital Realty’s extensive data center footprint, I am able to take one of our CloudSelect® pods, build it, and locate it in a different region – and have consistency of service, and consistency of experience.” View Video

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