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Better Salesforce performance is just one connection away

Rick Moore, Service Enablement Director
September 18, 2018

150,000+ Salesforce (SFDC) customers across the globe use Salesforce to facilitate more than 600 billion interactions per year. That’s a lot of activity, which doesn’t necessarily come as a huge surprise considering Salesforce is the world’s largest CRM. But all of that activity quickly can translate to very high demands on infrastructure and a miserable customer experience.

And with the rapid popularization of hybrid-cloud infrastructure, it’s never been more important to connect directly to cloud services in ways that minimize latency and accelerate scaling.

You can directly connect to Salesforce through Digital Realty Service ExchangeTM for a significantly improved application experience. The addition of SFDC to our roster of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, and Alibaba Cloud moves you one step closer to a streamlined, truly multi-cloud experience across our 15 Service Exchange metros:

Simply establish a single physical connection to Service Exchange and you will gain full control of your multi-cloud infrastructure for real-time provisioning, managed virtually inside the portal, as needed. Ramp your speed, scale services, monitor bandwidth usage and more, all from your desktop or mobile phone. No other physical connections are necessary.

And because your Salesforce connection is established on Service Exchange as a Layer 3 link, we remove many of the hassles associated with traditional networking, including BGP and ASN, to let you focus on your core business.

To learn more about how Service Exchange can enhance your hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, check out this white paper.

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