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Being energy efficient in an ever demanding data driven world

November 20, 2015

The consumption of electricity presents the largest environmental impact when providing data centre facilities. Digital Realty (DLR) is committed to supporting its customers in their journey towards a low carbon economy that delivers environmental benefits, and corresponding reduction in operational costs.

The NQA has recently recommended DLR for the ISO50001 certification (the international standard for energy management systems). This is designed to focus attention on operational energy demand, infrastructure efficiency, and ongoing investment in energy management. This comes as an addition to DLR’s existing ISO14001 certification (The International Standard for Environmental Management Systems).

After baselining current performance and working with customers, DLR will deliver on the core ISO principle of continual improvement, low cost investment, evaluation of the benefit of funding higher value projects, and targeting opportunities to reduce energy demand through improved housekeeping measures. In addition, the programme can incorporate additional training, stakeholder awareness, and contribute to the design and construction activities of new DLR facilities.

The ISO50001 certification is also a direct route to ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme) compliance, and DLR customers will enjoy exemption from this scheme for infrastructure deployed in a DLR facility in the UK.

The certification will apply to 12 European facilities, with the first phase due November 2015.

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