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Acacia Case Study: Connecting Communities to Scalable Healthcare IT

Andrew Green
August 14, 2015

When Raul Russi, CEO of Acacia Network, first started asking questions about the company’s technology backbone, he didn’t like what he saw.

Acacia Network is a community-based organization offering a unique constellation of services in the areas of health, housing, and economic development, and relies on electronic records for most, if not all of its transactions.

Several years ago, Russi walked into the basement and found a 5-by-10-foot room full of server racks and tangled cables. That basement was the beating heart of what was at the time a $150 million-dollar organization. At that point, Russi realized it was time to change Acacia Network’s relationship with technology.

In a new video case study, Raul Russi and Anthony Ramirez, Acacia Network Assistant Director, describe their transition from basement server room to state-of-the-art Telx facility. Acacia Network has its areas of expertise, and Telx brings technology expertise into the equation.

Acacia Networks Case Study

To learn more about Acacia Network’s relationship with Telx—and why Russi thinks colocating with Telx could be the answer for many other not-for-profit organizations—have a look at our new video.

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