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6 Ways of Lowering Your IT Infrastructure Costs

Elisa Wong, Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific
November 10, 2016

For today’s enterprise, costs associated with maintaining IT infrastructure can be a serious concern. Whether it’s outside business concerns that are squeezing the company’s IT budget to its limits or whether it’s simply a desire to move to the most advanced technologies while guaranteeing cost effectiveness, enterprise IT leaders are looking for the smartest way to reduce the costs associated with their physical infrastructure.

Below are six ways that enterprises can do just that:

1. Software-Defined and Integrated Infrastructures - Today, software-defined infrastructure just makes sense. Made up of software-defined data centers and integrated systems, or converted infrastructures (CI), SDI allows flexibility and efficiency to be realized by trusting software to provision and manage existing resources. It also successfully eliminates traditional silos of IT and forces businesses to re-think server, network, and storage administration with a more holistic approach. Click here to read more about the benefits of SDN for data centers.

2. Server Modernization - Aging servers aren’t doing your organization any favors, and they certainly aren’t getting any faster, safer, or smarter. The same can’t be said for updated and consolidated servers powered by virtual machines (VMs). Colocating in one of our top notch data center facilities is one smart way to ensure you have the physical space, security, and scalability you need.

3. Network Negotiations - Many organizations are looking at the long term and setting a goal of reducing telecom expenses by 20%. This means more frequent issuing of RFPs for LAN, WAN, voice expenses, and running costs. If you’re looking to reduce infrastructure costs long-term, give yourself a leg up by negotiating early and often on the services you buy. Some companies may seek to outsource as much of their IT as possible to reduce infrastructure cost.

4. Assess Client Device Management - With more local PCs to handle, costs will increase. If organizations can lower the total number of endpoints and reduce the total device count, resources will be better used. To the degree that you are able, assess the management of devices on the client side to determine if costs can be reduced.

5. Self-Service Help Desk - When it comes to conserving resources, a self-service help desk can make life easier on both your side and the client side. Make sure you design it with the end user in mind. It could help the company save time and money.

6. Deploy Cloud Computing - If you’re trying to cut IT costs without losing insights and you haven’t ventured into the cloud yet, what are you waiting for? Now that Digital Realty has launched The Connected Campus, meeting all of your critical IT needs has never been easier, or more flexible or affordable. Still not sure? A recent report by research firm Gartner lays out in multiple ways just how critical the cloud will be for businesses in the coming years.

If your enterprise is looking for ways to reduce IT costs, exploring the above six ways would be a great start. From internal policy to the physical infrastructure you employ, there are an increasing number of viable ways to develop a smart IT strategy while saving on costs. Learn more about how The Connected Campus, currently in nine markets including North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, can help with this.

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