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5 Benefits to Colocating at SEA1 in Seattle

Jeremy S. Dodds
May 8, 2014

Seattle, Washington is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. It also has a very strong economy, the Port of Seattle, and an international reputation as a dominant trading route for Asia. Both in the country and abroad, Seattle is a great hub for business, connectivity, and more.

It only makes sense that any data center located in Seattle would follow a similar pattern, and that’s exactly the case with SEA1. Colocating at SEA1 is beneficial for many reasons, a few of which you can see below:

  • Direct connection to the Westin Building: When colocating at SEA1 in Seattle, you have the ability to directly connect (via fiber) to the Westin Building, one of Seattle’s biggest carrier hotels. Doing so puts you on the grid with many different carriers, and service and content providers, and also gives you access to many cross connects. For connectivity in the Northwest, the Westin Building is excellent.
  • Access to SIX, Seattle’s Internet Exchange: SEA1 also gives you direct access to SIX, Seattle’s Internet Exchange (located in the Westin Building and Fisher Plaza). SIX is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world, again giving your business access to some of the world’s biggest carriers and markets. For more information on how Internet Exchange can help your business, see our post on the topic here.
  • Connection to Canadian markets: While SEA1 does give you the option to directly connect to the Westin Building, businesses that colocate in SEA1 also have the capability to bypass the Westin Building and connect directly to Canadian markets. For businesses looking to expand their footprint into Canada (and beyond), SEA1 is hard to beat.
  • Direct access to major national and regional carriers: Like our many other data centers throughout the United States, colocating at SEA1 in Seattle gives you direct access to major national and regional carriers. While this is advantageous at any data center, it’s especially beneficial at SEA1, one of the nation’s hubs for national and international connections (like connection to Asia).
  • Access to our massive Northwest ecosystem: With SEA1 in Seattle, PRT1 in Portland, SFR1 in San Francisco, and SCL1 and SCL2 in Santa Clara, all of which are directly connected, businesses have the ability to have complete Northwest colocation. This provides access not only to all of the benefits mentioned above, but also to the competitive markets in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Santa Clara. Telx’s reach in the Northwest is massive, and colocating at SEA1 allows your business to take advantage of that reach.

The benefits of colocating at SEA1, then, are many. Whether you’re looking for international reach, connection to competitive business markets throughout the Northwest, or access to regional carriers and more, Telx’s SEA1 data center in Seattle can give your business exactly what it needs.

Want to learn more about SEA1, or any of our other data centers? See SEA1’s data center page here, or connect with us through the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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