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3 Ways to Get Inspired at MarketplaceLIVE 2019

Jessica Smith, Director of Events
October 4, 2019

Changes are coming here in New York. The leaves are starting to change, the temps are starting to cool. the Giants are getting good again (Danny Dimes FTW), our calendars are getting busier, and our to-do lists are getting longer. Fall frenzy is here, folks, and pumpkin spice lattes aren’t going to save you.

But you know what will? Stepping away from your desk every now and then to recharge and refill on inspo, motivation, and a sense of the greater good we’re all contributing to each and every day to power our digital world. And we have just the place for you to do that.

Tech innovation in action

On November 7th, MarketplaceLIVE will be your oasis away from the office for just one day to get a glimpse into the future of technology and give you the tools you need to return to work with new contacts, new insights, new energy, and new motivation.

We’re bringing together the complete community that builds the cloud, network, and Internet infrastructure powering our world. You’ll get to see the best and brightest on stages throughout the day to help take us to the next level in our thinking and in our careers.

1. Connection is the key to continued innovation

The more tech innovations there are, the more dependent we become to them. This idea of hyper-connectivity can bring excitement but also anxiety. The concern is that humanity will put more weight in virtual connections, ultimately disconnecting us from people. So how do we continue innovating technology while maintaining interpersonal connection to one another? One way is to develop products and communities that have human connection at the center of their missions and that’s exactly what we want to highlight.

Our carefully crafted lineup of MarketplaceLIVE speakers and sponsors include individuals and organizations that desire to promote the tech and human side of innovation.

2. Collaboration is the key to cultivating new ideas

Good ideas can come from consuming media or proper brainstorming. Great ideas come from creating new intersections and collaborations that allow us to set aside our preconceived notions and unleash ideas to break through the noise. Often, in-person conversation and collaboration builds the springboard into these types of exciting ideas.

We’re passionate about how innovation can impact diversity, creativity, urbanization, and data infrastructure. There will be ample opportunity to connect with peers in the industry in the beautiful Spring Studios in the heart of TriBeCa, NYC. The day also includes:

  • Inspiring Keynotes
  • Rapid fire sessions (“Where Technology Meets Diversity”, “Where Physical Meets Virtual: The Future of Cybersecurity”, “The Future of Infrastructure is Everywhere - How can IT Survive?”)
  • VR experiences
  • Hackathon from the center of the digital world
  • Sustenance: breakfast, lunch, and snacks to keep you fueled all day
  • Interactive breakout sessions with tech ideas on how we are changing the world (Where AI Meets Creativity”, “Where Connectivity Meets Urbanization”
  • Data center tours
  • Spacious work lounges
  • Swag bags for all
  • Happy hour & entertainment

3. Community & networking: the value of in-person connection

Although technology is fueled by bits, bytes and pulses of electricity, those who build and improve it are better served when they combine their expertise with connection. Too often, we forget about the power of in-person interactions and how this can serve intellectual pursuits. Use the networking opportunities at MarketplaceLIVE as a way to make and strengthen personal connections. We expect you to leave our Unconference Conference with real connections that will positively impact your life and business.

Dive into innovation

At MarketplaceLIVE, you can expect an enriching environment where you’re surrounded by individuals from diverse careers, and industries (including Cloud, FinTech, Gaming, Media, Entertainment, and more).

Whether you’re in business development, engineering, finance, or marketing, we will be hosting various chats that will put you in the same room as people who share your interests. MarketplaceLIVE is a goldmine for networking and learning, where 86% of surveyed past attendees have rated the event as “excellent” or “very good”.

The next ten years in technology will birth some of our age’s next groundbreaking innovations in data, services, and connected experiences. MarketplaceLIVE 2019 is where you can learn what’s now and what’s next! View the lineup for this year’s theme, Where X Meets Y, the Power of Hybrid.

Register now for MarketplaceLIVE 2019 to get inspired by and network with our world’s best forward thinkers.

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