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NYSERNet - Planning for the Future: Research Exchange Points in the 21st Century


Indeed, today’s technologies are stressed to innovate at a rapid pace in order to combat, or even understand better, global challenges created by human population increases. New York State Education and Research Network (NYSERNet), a not-for-profit corporation created to foster science and education, for example, is responsible for creating the first ISP. Several innovations from the research and education community have followed over the years, and now more so than ever these institutions need the help of strategic connectivity and data center partners. The fear, however, is that we may be working too fast and finding ourselves solution silos. Collaboration is essential to succeed, and the partnerships in place at Telx’s NYC3 facility are only the beginnings of what will be needed to help our growing world.

Featured Insights:

“A critical component of this effort is tracking, perhaps shaping, the evolving role of data centers and exchange points,” notes Dr. Timothy Lance, president of NYSERNet. “Increasingly data-driven research makes these tools central today, and they may become more so in the near future as the size of the data our researchers deal with grows more rapidly than the technologies that manipulate, ship, and store it.”

“We have a valuable strategic partnership with NYSERNet today,” adds Telx CEO Christopher Downie, “but for problems like these, this close working relationship becomes essential, with the research community pushing the envelope, and the scale Telx can bring contributing to their solution.”

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