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Making connections: How social media networks are transforming the world.


Social media networks have become major marketing tools in the past several years. Brands have started to advertise and connect with consumers on Facebook and Twitter, giving them a cost-effective promotional medium. However, the real power of social media is in the data these platforms generate.

In our social media white paper, we outline how social media channels have developed and turned into ideal launch pads for big data projects.

  • Social media by the numbers
    More than 1 trillion Facebook page views each month and 6,000 tweets per second highlight the digital social revolution.
  • Social in the workplace
    LinkedIn, employee engagement networks and crowdsourcing are some of the social tools transforming businesses today.
  • Transforming news media
    News agencies are monitoring hashtags and Facebook posts to gain real-time insight into hot topics.
  • Data management
    The spike in social media monitoring means businesses need to have the right data management and storage platforms to power big data plans.

Start your journey to more constructive big data projects, download the white paper today!

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