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Global Digital Capitals Index


Economies rely on data

The data economy’s contribution to national economies can shift the future of a region, and potentially a country. With the top four interconnected technologies (AI, IoT, Blockchain, and 5G) creating an indelible mark on the way we do business, regional infrastructure matters. Organizations are expected to see data generation increase 60% year-over-year in the next 5 years.

How does your geographic region stack up?

About the Report

  • In the 2019 Global Digital Capitals Index, Digital Realty conducts a data-driven deep dive into:
  • Regions leading the digital charge today and those we expect to be in the future
  • Family of indicators used to formulate rankings
  • Four emerging digital technologies and their impact on those regions
  • Insights, recommendations and opportunities for businesses to capitalize on
Major cities are increasingly important as hubs for many globally-important technology-led clusters...This is because of the high density of business networks, the availability of talent and the presence of key infrastructure usually found in larger cities, the advantages of which more than offset the higher property and other costs involved in operating there.
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