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Service Exchange: A Better, Faster Way to Connect to Your Clouds

Fabienne Adam, Sr. Director of Global Product Management - Interconnection

January 22, 2019

The vast majority of enterprises are now adopting multi-cloud strategies. While some are citing advantages in security, scalability, and flexibility, many are still wrestling with the complexity of hybrid cloud adoption. Digital Realty’s Service Exchange, powered by Megaport, removes some of the complexity of hybrid clouds. Using software defined networking (SDN) technologies, Service Exchange provides a way for those enterprises to quickly and securely connect to each other, to cloud service providers and other data centers across the globe.

Using Service Exchange, customers can easily access any destination from a single port from anywhere across our global platform. Services are provisioned in 60 seconds and the control is completely in the customer’s hands.

One connection to the Service Exchange platform allows organizations to support multiple virtual private connections to multiple service providers, including all major public clouds in all major availability zones. In effect, secure, high-performance network connectivity becomes an on-demand utility much like the cloud-based resources organizations consume today.

Service Exchange: Hybrid cloud made simple

Watch leaders from Megaport and Digital Realty explain how Service Exchange can benefit your business in this 2-minute video.