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Asia Pacific Data Centers and Colocation

Internet Gateway to Growing Asian Markets

More than two thousand years ago, China's Han Dynasty launched the Silk Road, a sprawling network of trade routes linking Asia with the Middle East and Europe. Today, a Digital Silk Road links Asia to the entire world.

Asian markets have become a key focus for many global players, with Singapore being a key strategic hub of unparalleled connectivity.

Singapore is strategically positioned within South East Asia, providing access to the world’s fastest growing region. By 2020, SE Asia will support 81 million people in its fast-growing cities and will be home to about half of the world’s middle class. By 2050, it is projected to be a $10 Trillion economy, accounting for 45% of the estimated world population.

Digital Loyang Way Data Center: Onramp to Digital Silk Road

Seen as an Internet gateway offering IT infrastructure that’s scalable, intelligent and secure, Singapore is critical to companies hoping to tap into a smartphone market predicted to reach 85% by 2019.

That’s certainly the case at our Digital Loyang Way data center, where customers have access to a wide range of service providers and business partners. Our new data center in Singapore, along with our existing and developing facilities in Hong Kong, Osaka, Melbourne and Sydney all become key elements of Asia Pacific’s growing Digital Silk Road and reinforces our mission of providing the foundation for the new digital world.

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