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[Video] Renewable Energy Is Key to Sustainable Data Center Solutions

September 26, 2019

Environmental sustainability took center stage in the world last week. More than 4 million people took part in climate protests across 2,500 events scheduled in 163 countries on all seven continents. Sustainability is on a lot of minds.

As an electricity and water-intensive industry, data center providers play a crucial role in minimizing carbon footprint. Responsibility to our customers involves providing transparency and implementing aggressive renewable energy standards.

By provisioning renewable energy from sources such as hydro, wind, solar, and biomass, data centers can be powered with carbon-free options.

See Sr. Director of Sustainability, Aaron Binkley, discuss how to provision renewable energy, the cost-implications of going green, his stance on the importance of sustainability and achievements he's most proud of in minimizing our data centers' effects on the environment.

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