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Direct Link Colocation Takes Hybrid Cloud Speed & Performance to a New Level

David Robertson, VP, Global Alliances
June 21, 2017

Big Data is simultaneously today’s greatest business asset and its greatest IT headache.

As many companies have learned since the rise of the cloud, simply collecting data isn’t enough to drive positive bottom line impact. Many businesses are collecting massive amounts of data but not organizing it or turning it into actionable insights in a timely manner, because they may lack the high-performance networks required to do so. The need for speed is more critical than ever in establishing a competitive advantage.

Between rising costs and rigid solutions requiring businesses to ultimately pay for more than they use, IT leaders are searching for solutions that are secure, cost-efficient and can enable them to build a high-performance network.

That’s why we enabled Direct Link Colocation, a highly secure, highly available, low-latency solution for successful hybrid cloud deployments. This solution was designed with a wide range of customers in mind, from the burgeoning startup to the well-established enterprise.

The results of independent tests demonstrate a sharp increase in performance of hybrid cloud environments when comparing the Digital Realty-enabled IBM Direct Link Colocation offering to the public Internet. The real-world tests, conducted by Krystallize Technologies, show that that Direct Link Colocation provides application access with more than 55x the throughput and less than 1/50 the latency of the Internet.

Direct Link Colocation couples IBM Cloud Bluemix enterprise-class automated cloud provisioning, management and services with Digital Realty’s unparalleled global data center footprint and expertise in data center operations for fast, secure and flexible hybrid cloud implementations.

Direct Link eliminates many of the roadblocks that lead companies to become disillusioned with and frustrated by their hybrid cloud deployments.

Ready to learn more about our latest high-performance storage solution? Download our white paper, “Create More than 55x Faster Hybrid Cloud Solutions with Maximum Security, Availability and Elasticity.”

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