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Digital Realty Announces Expansion of Atlanta Connected Campus

Christy Joo, Product Marketing Manager
March 16, 2017

Digital Realty is pleased to announce a significant expansion to its Connected Campus in Atlanta. Our new facility is located at 250 Williams Street and comprises approximately 18,000 square feet of raised floor space. This facility will be connected to the Atlanta campus’ primary facility at 56 Marietta via high speed fiber and will boast all the advantages of the region’s premier interconnection hub.

Atlanta customers will have access to 150 Cloud, IT infrastructure and network providers. Combined with the utility of Service Exchange, Atlanta customers now have a vast spectrum of connectivity options right at their fingertips and the ability to deploy multi-cloud strategies with ease. Service Exchange can be utilized to access any Availability Zone in the United States for AWS and Microsoft Azure from the new Atlanta facility.

Through the Digital Realty Internet Exchange (DRIX) in Atlanta, customers are also able to reach peering speeds of 100G or more. 100G allows users with networks already running with 100G backbones to connect over the exchange at native speeds as opposed to aggregating multiple ports to reach a speed close to 100G, thus eliminating a bottleneck in data transmission.

Why Atlanta?
Ranked as the nation’s second most wired city and a top 10 “American City of the Future,” Atlanta is a hub for innovation in business and technology of all kinds. It is home to 26 Fortune 1000 companies, 300 bioscience companies, and global technology leaders with core disciplines in digital content and distribution, software publishing and internet security. It also has great economic viability, in terms of space and power, and a very low risk for natural disaster.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting things taking place in Atlanta right now.

Tech companies are major drivers of Atlanta’s booming economy and are focused on making a global impact. It was recently announced that Verizon plans to test its initial 5G network in Atlanta. Its new NFL stadium has also set a new standard for stadium connectivity. We only see the impact Atlanta makes on our world’s technology growing, and we’re excited to help facilitate that growth going forward.

Perhaps no industry in recent years has integrated technology as quickly as healthcare. Few industries have as much to gain. As analog as healthcare has been, organizations are now realizing that they can’t continue to provide their patients with 20th century care. In addition to its growing biotech sector, which is responsible for world-class advancements each and every year, Atlanta is also home to a downtown medical hub featuring world class hospitals, doctors, and healthcare professionals. We are excited to see how increased access to advanced connectivity can help both Atlanta and our nation’s healthcare ecosystems prosper.

Atlanta is home to over 30 colleges and universities including Emory University, Clark Atlanta University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Georgia State University. Educational organizations with global ambitions and those wishing to solidify their operations at home can benefit greatly from the efficiency provided by colocation solutions, in terms of both operations and cost.

Atlanta is a major transportation and distribution center in the U.S. and is the headquarters for Delta Airlines, as well as UPS, one of the world’s leading shipping and logistics companies. Also, its Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport serves as one of the country’s busiest hubs for domestic and international travel. As we have seen lately, effective and on-time travel, as well as package delivery, depend absolutely on their IT systems.

Atlanta is one of the most active and innovative markets we have in this country. Across a wide variety of industries, companies are utilizing technology to change the way business is done and improve the lives of their customers. Learn more about Digital Realty’s Connected Campus in Atlanta, and how it can drive innovation in your business and improve your customers’ lives. To learn more about the Atlanta expansion, read the press release in its entirety.

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