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Global Colocation Market Trends


Recent shifts in the colocation landscape make it more critical than ever to understand the market. If the latest trends are taking you by surprise, it’s time for a refresher course on colocation. TeleGeography and Digital Realty bring together their unique perspectives and expertise for a free 30 minute webinar to help make sense of the state of the colocation market.

Senior Analyst, Jon Hjembo, presents key findings from TeleGeography’s latest colocation research, including:

  • Where does colocation develop? What are the forces that fuel market growth in certain metro areas?
  • Which colocation markets are experiencing the greatest rates of capacity growth?
  • How do network and colocation prices compare across markets?

Also hear from VP of Global Product Management, Ben Gonyea, who will provide the latest update on Digital Realty’s direction and strategy in the colo market.

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