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Private & Secure Interconnectivity Key for Enterprise AI

Chris Sharp, CTO, discusses how private and secure interconnectivity is key to enabling enterprise AI.

Enterprises that leverage data as a differentiator know how critical it is to have performant access to that data.

Watch this video to learn more about how private data in public models will power the next phase of enterprise innovation.


Chris Sharp, CTO, Digital Realty: We see today the relationship between data and artificial intelligence as being critical. The days of just raw data sets, I think are over. I think the next piece is performant access to that data. And we've seen a lot of customers leverage their data to be a true differentiator. And that's what's really expediting their business transformation is they have early visibility in how to make that data actionable.

And that's something that's very unique for a lot of enterprises leveraging PlatformDIGITAL®. We really see a lot of enterprises innovating over the next couple of years where they'll be able to take an off-the-shelf model and apply that to their private data sets. And I think one of the things we're focused on is how to interconnect their data oceans that reside within PlatformDIGITAL® to these public models and get the benefit of generative AI rather efficiently and quickly throughout the next couple of years.

So private, secure interconnectivity across, you know, multiple markets is the best outcome for a lot of the enterprises that we engage today.